Are You Still Out There?

11th February

I usually don't start a post with an apology but I am realizing that it has been MANY MONTHS since I added a new post  here on my own website..So...I'M SORRY! In this fast paced age of Multi-Media Blogs, Tweets, Texts, Twits & Facebookers It seems that no one has enough time to update their own ...

Growing Up Fast!

16th October

I will be FOURTY EIGHT YEARS FREAKIN' OLD THIS SUNDAY OCTOBER 21st!!! HOLY MOSES WHAT HAPPENED & WHERE DID THE TIME GO??? I have been a very blessed being in these past many years.  I overcame some serious medical adversity by age 8 & my Dad was already up and gone.  I watched a best friend ...

Rockin The Region In The Mountain Times

16th December

By Dave Hoffenberg Mountain Times Killington, Vermont- Rick Redington is back doing what he does best, spreading The Luv in Killington and Rutland. Redington has played in Killington for 25 years. He now calls Slopeside Bar & Grille his Killington home. Redington played there many years ago too, when it was called Bleachers. Every Thursday night he'll be ...

Lake Bomoseen to The Casco Bay!

24th August

What an INCREDIBLE SUMMER we have picked to PREMIERE "THE CIRCUS"!!! We have traveled some 10,000 miles and are heading to Portland Maine This FRIDAY AUGUST 26th to see my ol pal WALLY WENZEL and do a show with his amazing group "The Mallett Brothers  Band" at THE BIG EASY SWEEEEEEEEET!!! THURSDAY AUGUST 24th  I ...

Restock at CD Baby and I Luv Wednesdays at Pub 42

23rd June

Its I Luv Wednesdays at Pub 42 with R.R. & The Luv playing nothing but three piece electric rock and roll! Showtime is 10p.m. on Wales St. Rutland, Vt. We have also RESTOCKED our shelves at and want to say thanks for being patient with us :) Lets share some Luv People!