Are You Still Out There?


I usually don’t start a post with an apology but I am realizing that it has been MANY MONTHS since I added a new post  here on my own website..So…I’M SORRY!

In this fast paced age of Multi-Media Blogs, Tweets, Texts, Twits & Facebookers It seems that no one has enough time to update their own web site.. I am going to try and get better at this and also need help and advice on advancing my site and getting my music out to as many places as possible. Maybe YOU can help?I am always open to suggestions and willing to barter whatever I can In exchange for some new Ideas and Creative Input.

Since right after Christmas I have been playing a ton of great shows & getting a lot of recording done that I hope to share with you all soon!

The Luv & I have been enjoying playing at Heather’s brand new Cafe as well as steady visits to Burlington, Killington & Beyond as we gear up for our Spring Tour Season.

My Facebook page is a regular page and not setup as a band or Artist & this is where I have been promoting all each weeks agenda.

I am not ashamed to tell you that I have been playing so many weekly gigs that I hardly have time to hang with my Kids.. So I continue to drag them along with me to as many venues as possible and try and bribe them with Burgers & Pizza to perform with me! Ben is simply kickin’ Ass on Bass & Maya’s Voice is Other Worldy. I am very Thankful to spend this time with them and Proud of the amazing Musicians & Humans they have turned out to be!

Heather & Blake have been absolutely Great & Inspiring &  Supportive & I Am completely Thankful for them as well!

…and YOU!!!

Still there even though I suck at updating my web site & sending out newsletters!


Please Click On The Facebook Link Above & Let Me Know You’re Still With ME!!!

I will work on updating my gigs page and getting some new images and music up as well!

 Peace & Thank You!

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